Honduras Organic


Cupping Notes: Cherry · Milk Chocolate · Plum

Region; Marcala, La Paz

1450-1525  meters, hand picked and selected, roasted Honduran coffee beans.

This coffee is washed and then sun dried on raised beds.

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HONDURAS Coffee: Specific Area (ha) Altitude Coffee Types & Proportion Average Yield Harvest Months Quantity Available for Export Quantity Available for Marketing Application of Fertilizer & Agrochemicals General & Special Behaviors in Growing Characters in Cup Mill: Location Facilities (Wet & Dry) Drying Process Method of Quality Control & Maintaining Homogeneous Flavor DATOS ESPECIFICOS DEL PRODUCTO CAFÉ DE EXPORTACION S.A. (CADEXSA) SHG CADEXSA ESTATE 185 ha 1525 meters above sea level Catuai and pacas more than 7000 bags 69 kgs January – May 3500 bags 3500 bags organics fertilizers and pest integrated control Chocolate Sweet Fragance and aroma, round Body, citrics notes, Citric acidity, sweet and clean aftertaste. CADEXSA Honduras Central West wet mill and mechanical drier to drying i mechanical machical driers CADEXSA cup before load parchment coffee to main Warehouse at San Pedro Sula.

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