Guatemala Santa Marta


Body: Medium | Acidity: Medium | Process: Washed

Cupping Notes: Red Fruit, Cherry, Stone Fruit, Milk Chocolate

Region: Jalapa

Altitude: 1800-2200 ASL

Guatemalan coffee is known for being flavourful, well-bodied and possessing a variety of different aromas, notes and acidity based on the region it was grown in. 98% of Guatemalan coffee is shade-grown.

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Finca Santa Marta begins its journey in the lush highlands of the Mataquescuintla in Guatemala. Our plants are grown at an optimal altitude of 1,800 to 2,200 meters above sea level, protected and nurtured under the shade of Grevillea trees, Kuje and others native to the highlands. Using only the highest standard and utmost care, the farm flourishes and provides us with a variety of Arabica Coffee plants.

Coffee is not just a hobby or a career for David Rodriguez Sr., it is a way of life. From an early age he learned how to cultivate coffee in a traditional, natural, and sustainable way from his father Don Laureano Rodriguez.  As a child, he fondest memories are running among thousands of coffee plants. It was here that he succumbed to the magic of both the process and product of coffee farming.  From the aroma of damp earth and dry grasses to the euphoria of that sip of coffee, the spell put on the senses is undeniable. It wasn’t long until his dream of having a coffee farm of his own.

Together with Doña Lily (David’s wife) as it is known her in the area, and a lifetime of dedication and hard work, they had made that dream a reality.  they started with 15 hectares and slowly grew their farm to 100 hectares it is today.  Due to the high altitude of the farm (1800-2200masl) many people believed it was almost impossible succeed on this land,  Through taking care the clay soil, the evironment, practicing agricultural managment , they had show that they can produce excellent quality coffees and now been able to increase the volume of total production to meet demand.  Now, with their children, Katherine, David and Sabrina, three generations of coffee farmers lovingly and artfully tending their craft has evolved into an established business founded in integrity and sustainable craftsmanship. As their business expands, they feel driven to give back to the community that has provided the nurturing environment in which their farm has been allowed to prosper.

They provide employment opportunities for residents and ensures fair and equal treatment of all collaborators.  Now, at the moment the coffee is sun dried on patio and is de-pulped at another farm.  It is in the process to one day have our own wet mill. Our vision has always been to improve the quality of life in surrounding communities while still caring for people locally and nurturing their lifestyle.  When it comes to improving a community’s quality of life, they recognize the importance of dental care.  Dental care for children specically can be preventative and caters to forming healthy habits that can carry on throughout their adult lives. Their annual dental day provides 100 children with dental cleaning, free of charge.  They founded Papa-Moms, Founded on the love of  their granddaughter Scarlett, From the moment she was born, they felt the type of love only first-time grandparents can feel. From watching her grow and say her first words, among them her nickname for them, “Papa-Moms”, that connection drove toward our vision to officially start the non-profit organization Papa-Moms, to contribute and help care and alleviate the needs for the children of our community through social causes.

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