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Well I have a friend in Hawaii who is serving with the 25th Infantry Division what has joined the ranks of coffee drinkers! He has come to me about a very important question. What do you do when your in the field? (Army’s organized camping! Well with extra important training experience to savor the memory!)

When I’m blessed with an all expenses paid camping experience I take a Jetboil system to brew my TnT Coffee Roasters Fresh Roasted Coffee!

With this setup you can brew your coffee with a French Press and the coffee will be amazing. Now you will need to take ground coffee or you can take whole bean coffee and drive your teammates crazy while you grind Fresh Roasted TnT Coffee in the morning as they are waking up. ( Of course it may give up your position to the enemy!) Find a manual coffee grinder here!


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Ladies and gentlemen the work has begun the old fashioned way! Hard labor and good Ole fashioned comraderi with a brother of mine. We will try to keep you all in the loop with progress. I owe you all an article about brewing methods this week. Look for it to be published soon. In the meantime sit back and enjoy your cup of Fresh Roasted Coffee from TnT Coffee Roasters!

The best way to enjoy your TnT Fresh Roasted Coffee is to order whole bean coffee.

Roasted coffee beans continue to emit CO2 up to two weeks after roasting but then reverses the process and seeks to absorb the elements in its environment leading to oxidation and the beginning of a loss of freshness. No matter where or how you store your Fresh Roasted Coffee, it will begin to deteriorate after two weeks.

Roasted whole beans stored in a cool,(NOT FROZEN) dry, air-tight and dark place will help preserve your Fresh Roasted Coffee flavors.

Once the coffee is ground you have around 20 minutes before the flavors begin to deteriorate. Ground coffee is super-hygroscopic making it is very difficult to keep fresh no matter how it is stored. (i.e. it wants to absorb all the moistures and airborne aromas in the atmosphere that surround it).

So what does all this mean!

The best way to purchase TnT Fresh Roasted Coffee is whole bean.

Buy a grinder! It only takes about 2 minutes to grind your Fresh Roasted Coffee before brewing. (We will talk about brewing methods next week!)

There are two kinds of grinders for you to choose. The Blade Grinder and the Burr Grinder. Blade vs Burr? Coffee experts agree: A great cup of coffee starts with the grinder. You can have the highest-end coffee or espresso maker money can buy, but if you don’t start with an even, fresh grind from high-quality beans, you may as well save your cash.

Burr grinders are more expensive than blade units, but most experts agree that the added expense is worth it to get the most precise grind — a necessity for specialty coffees and brewing techniques like espresso, French press, pour-over, or Turkish.

However, plenty of people manage to Soldier on with a less expensive or less high-end coffee grinder and are very satisfied with the resulting brew. And don’t forget, you still need a good coffee brewing method as well. (Next Week)

We have used all of them over the years and have been using the Baratza Virtuoso Burr Grinder for years. It is on the high end for home users, but if you are looking for an even grind every time and a good cup this is the grinder you want.

If you are not wanting to spend $24.99 for your grinder you can get the KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, Black

The one I use when I’m traveling or enjoying my all expenses paid vacations from Uncle Sam I take the Hario Coffee Mill. This one is manual but it is reasonably priced at $26.75.

Be sure to select the links above for your Grinder purchase. If you make a purchase from these links you will help with TnT Coffee Roasters start up costs!

Thanks and we hope you have a blessed day!

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For all of you who enjoy TnT Coffee! We will be roasting on Wednesday evening this week! I get to play GI Joe this weekend with some of our future leaders!

Who reading this remembers GI Joe? I’m talking the barbie size GI Joe! Man those were the days, planning a war in my parents back yard! Blowing things up! Romin the Rooster!Well times have changed I’m often planning a peace keeping mission with the YardBirds we have roaming our property! I tell you these roosters can get mean! Well enough about chickens!Be sure to order your favorite coffee before tomorrow night! This will ensure you have Fresh Roasted coffee for this coming week!