Love Roasting Coffee!

Wow it has been a couple weeks since my last post! Mamma T and I met in Chicago for a trip to see our Granddaughters last week! Was a blessing to see Mamma T, JB and our oldest sons family! Our Granddaughters are amazing! Just love those two, bunches. Meanwhile it has been a minute since I spent time with the roaster. It really is a blessing to be covered in coffee chaff and burning my hands occasionally. The whole experience is something I have been doing for close to 10 years now thanks to Cashua Coffees influence. If Jason is reading this just want to say thanks! Today was budget day as well! No better way to forget about how much money you don’t have then to get out there and roast a few pounds of coffee! Love you all and pray you enjoy this batch of TnT Fresh Roasted Coffee!

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