Another Night Away!

So ifin you all don’t know by now! I have been out of town all week away from Tammy!(and Jonathan)  Currently piddlin around Fort Sam Houston tryin to get out of dis here Army! Of course I will be home soon, but dog gone it! Man is not to be away from his honey! We are TnT, Troy and Tammy! We are one! Reminds me of some words from one of my favorites!  “But from the very beginning Elohim made them male and female.  For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and cleave to his wife.  And both shall be one flesh; henceforth they are not two, but one flesh.  What therefore Elohim has joined, let no man separate.”

Hard to believe we have been TnT for over 20 years now! We have had some pretty amazing discussions and celebrations over the years it has ALWAYS been over a cup of joe!  TnT had our very first dates chatting over coffee. So we not only love one another we have a love for the precious fluid that so many people have put their love and passion into so we can have those many precious moments together.

So as I sit here thinking of the one I love so much I sip on this amazing cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe! Something to think about. How many people do you think were involved in brining that cup of coffee you drink each day? Over the days to come we will journey down this path and contemplate each step that many people share their love for coffee to you!

See ya later folks!

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