Howdy Folks!

Welcome to our new website! Woohoo! Pretty crazy how things are moving along. We currently have been busy transitioning out of the Army. Troy will officially be retired from the US Army on 1 July 2018!

We have been talking about building up our coffee roasting business. So we have met with the Small Business Development Center and have begun putting together this thing they call a business plan! Wow! It’s getting heavy around here.

You know it is funny Troy has spend his whole life putting plans together for the Army, yet he is dragging his feet with this here business plan! Gee Wiz Wilikers!

Well enough for now! You all have a blessed day! We’ll catch you on another day!

TnT Coffee Roasters!

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  1. Good morning. Troy is talkin about himself in 3rd person again. This retirement thing will be a hoot. Now that my first cuppa coffee is finished it’s time to get busy. Get your orders in. Let’s keep Troy BUSY roasting coffee, so he won׳t have to work on my honey-do list.

    What do ya say we start off with a good deal?
    I just had my eyes checked. 20/20 …with my glasses on that is. So if you refer a friend, when they order they will get 20% off their first bag and SO WILL YOU!!! Just have them leave a note in the comments saying who sent them.
    ie: “Tammy sent me”
    and we will apply the discount. Sound good?
    Many Blessings

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