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Received a review from a Home Coffee Roasters Facebook Page!#HomeRoastExchange Thanks to Adam Zerwick and his kind words!

TnT Coffee Roasters sent me some beautifully roasted washed Ethiopian Sidamo. It was roasted to 25s after the start of 2nd crack on their RK Drum. As soon as I opened the package, which also contained some greens for me to roast, I got this intense perfume-like smell which I’ve never experienced before. Even the green beans have the same scent. Usually my go-to coffees are very lightly roasted beans so I was a bit apprehensive at first but I have to say that this coffee was very pleasant with chocolate notes, a little roast flavor, and even a little acidity when brewed on the v60. My favorite aspect was how full-bodied it was! I brewed this up in a v60, kalita wave, and french press and all were very tasty with the v60 being my favorite. Each of these roast exchanges has taught me to break out of my comfort zone and experiment so I’ll certainly be playing around with darker roasts! Thanks TnT for the coffee and for your service and thanks Sambo for organizing this!!

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