So recently received a video from a close friend who gave us at TnT Coffee Roasters this hysterical analogy of a Specialty Coffee Drinker who drinks coffee at Starbucks:

“People who drink Starbucks is like gentiles who still do all the pagan traditions! Like Christmas and all that stuff! They make the switch the get off McDonalds get off Dunkin donuts.

They make the switch and choose Specialty Coffee. They tell themselves, “I’m gonna go Specialty Coffee and I’m gonna learn a little about coffee and go for good blends.”

They are like somebody who comes to faith out of secular society, but they don’t go all the way they keep with the practices that are subpar. They in some cases become down right evil and disrespectful to coffee.

In this case too, as a person who comes to faith in our Messiah and still be in pagan practices. How can you drink specialty coffee but out of a drip coffee maker, beans that are burned, and weeks or even months old, created in bulk and generally subpar.”

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TnT Coffee Roasters

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  1. The arrogance…my coffee making process is best because that’s the way my folks taught me how to do it & they would never lie & deceive me. Besides, the coffee making fathers are infallible and they never deviated from the original process (except to improve it & make it better tasting to the masses after about 300 years).

    Good lesson in the parable, Sir.


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