Guatemala Huixoc RFA


Body: Heavy | Acidity: Mild | Process: Washed

Cupping Notes: orange, caramel, milk chocolate

Region: Huehuetengo La Democracia | Huixoc

Altitude: 1,280 – 1,678 ASL

Guatemalan coffee is known for being flavourful, well-bodied and possessing a variety of different aromas, notes and acidity based on the region it was grown in. 98% of Guatemalan coffee is shade-grown.

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Huehuetenango is one of the non volcanic coffee producing regions of the country. Due to its topography, there are multiple micro climates which are perfect for coffee production, giving the coffee nice fruit notes.

The name Huixoc, which means “water spring” in the mam dialect, was given to this beautiful coffee farm by its founder, Jose Olivio Chavez, a coffee exporting and marketing pioneer, in 1940. It is located in the lush mountains of La Democracia, a small town in the Huehuetenango province, in northwestern Guatemala. There are several water springs located on the farm that help provide adequate moisture during the dry season and have also provided the energy to run the coffee mill throughout the years.

The region’s rich soil, adequate rainfall and high altitude combine to create favorable conditions for producing an excellent quality coffee.
This coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is awarded to farms, forests, and businesses that meet rigorous environmental and social standards.
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