Finca Legacy Icatu


Body: Balanced | Acidity: Mild | Process: Honey

Cupping Notes: dry chocolate with sweet mocha aroma

Region: Cerro Bueno, Honduras

Altitude: 1450 M.A.S.L.

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This coffee comes from a passion to help the people in Honduras. Legacy Farms Coffee has a beautiful story that begins in Kansas of all places. The founders and owners of Legacy Farms are Ashley and Julia Williams.

Ashley and Julia met in Honduras in 2000 while on separate mission trips.  They “accidentally” bought their first coffee farm when purchasing land to build homes for Honduran families.  With an increasing interest in coffee and further projects in Honduras, the Williams temporarily moved their family to their coffee farm in Cerro Bueno, Honduras in 2014.  The past six years have been full of learning thru mistakes and the beauty of an ever expanding vision for the farms and surrounding communities.

Ashley has poured his blood, sweat, tears, and prayers into Legacy Farms Coffee.  This work is truly a passion.  What began as a short term stay in Honduras to establish a commodity coffee farm has evolved into a consuming effort to produce excellent coffee.  The challenges of farming and the volume of learning has been staggering and daunting.  But Ashley loves a challenge and enjoys experimenting with new ideas.

It is TnT Coffee Roasters honor to be given the opportunity of selling these amazing coffee’s coming from the Legacy Coffee Farm.

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