Organic Honey

Ron Abernathy is Certified Master Beekeeper/15 years, also serving as an apiary inspector for the State of Illinois Department of Agriculture and Pappa T’s Cousin!

He has 30 bee hives which he figures have about 60,000 bees per hive. People think Ron is crazy because he doesn’t wear a “Bee Suit”. People ask to him ” Aren’t you afraid of getting a bee sting? ” Yes he does get stung sometimes, but he is fine. He is a naturalist and loves organic natural foods.

Most honey from supermarket you see is pasteurized honey. Why do they pasteurized? Because it makes honey uncrystallized and pretty.

Honey is a natural source of sugar which contains simple sugars, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, organic oils which provide flavor and aroma. Pasteurized kills off all good natural sources of minerals and enzymes.

This is why we don’t pasteurize and want you have honey in its all most natural form.

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