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Ladies and Gents we are back in the from an amazing Khanukah Celebration down at our Southern Headquarters! Pappa T had an opportunity to visit with many of you!

We had a customer mention buying the V60 Pour-Over setup over the holidays and asked about the best way to make coffee using their new setup. Pappa T put this image together to help any of you who desire the very best cup of coffee. In our opinion this is the best way to enjoy our Fresh Roasted Coffee.

Exciting news! We have 4 types of coffee to choose from today. Be sure to get your order in today in order to get your Fresh Roasted Coffee for next week! 

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The Khanukah Season is approaching (3 – 10 December 2018) and Pappa T is headed South to spend the 8 Day Celebration with Mamma T and Little J!  Little J’s birthday is in the middle of our Khanukah Celebration as well! Pappa T will have shop closed up until his return to the Northern Headquarters after 13 December 2018!

Thanks to all the TnT Coffee Roasters patrons we had a record  roasting day last Sumday! We look forward to providing each of you Fresh Roasted Coffee upon Pappa T’s return!

Khag Same’akh ! Happy Holidays!

TnT Coffee Roasters


It was the Khag of Khanukah at Yerushalayim, and it was winter. And Yeshua was walking in the Heikhal (Temple) in Shlomo’s (Solomon’s) porch.
– Yokhanan (John) 10:22

Received a review from a Home Coffee Roasters Facebook Page!#HomeRoastExchange Thanks to Adam Zerwick and his kind words!

TnT Coffee Roasters sent me some beautifully roasted washed Ethiopian Sidamo. It was roasted to 25s after the start of 2nd crack on their RK Drum. As soon as I opened the package, which also contained some greens for me to roast, I got this intense perfume-like smell which I’ve never experienced before. Even the green beans have the same scent. Usually my go-to coffees are very lightly roasted beans so I was a bit apprehensive at first but I have to say that this coffee was very pleasant with chocolate notes, a little roast flavor, and even a little acidity when brewed on the v60. My favorite aspect was how full-bodied it was! I brewed this up in a v60, kalita wave, and french press and all were very tasty with the v60 being my favorite. Each of these roast exchanges has taught me to break out of my comfort zone and experiment so I’ll certainly be playing around with darker roasts! Thanks TnT for the coffee and for your service and thanks Sambo for organizing this!!

Yes I’m roasting Today while it is snowing at our North Location! Be sure to order your Fresh Roasted Coffee NOW! You will receive your coffee before Thanksgiving! Just one more thing to be on your Thankful List!!

Fresh Roasted Coffee Found HERE!