Ladies and gents we are Roasting as this is being typed! We have a new Coffee to try out tonight from Rwanda! Bufcoffee is small co-op of farmers in Karaba, Rwanda started by Epiphanie Mukashyaka, a widow who learned how to produce coffee in order to continue her husbands work and  help raise her 7 children. We are looking forward to cupping this coffee tonight! The first person who sends Pappa T a private message via our Facebook page can get a lb of this coffee for their weekly drinking please for $10 + shipping! Pappa T will send you an invoice and when you pay it will be in the mail on its way to your doorstep! Help us help Epiphanie Mukashya support her children and local economy! If you prefer to stick to your usual weekly order then get it in soon and we will have fresh Roasted Coffee at your doorstep within 72 hrs!