We will be Closed for Khanukah!

The Khanukah Season is approaching (3 – 10 December 2018) and Pappa T is headed South to spend the 8 Day Celebration with Mamma T and Little J!  Little J’s birthday is in the middle of our Khanukah Celebration as well! Pappa T will have shop closed up until his return to the Northern Headquarters after 13 December 2018!

Thanks to all the TnT Coffee Roasters patrons we had a record  roasting day last Sumday! We look forward to providing each of you Fresh Roasted Coffee upon Pappa T’s return!

Khag Same’akh ! Happy Holidays!

TnT Coffee Roasters


It was the Khag of Khanukah at Yerushalayim, and it was winter. And Yeshua was walking in the Heikhal (Temple) in Shlomo’s (Solomon’s) porch.
– Yokhanan (John) 10:22

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