One Can Dream!

As you all know Pappa T will be retiring from the US Army in a few years. Meanwhile I sit in my Sukkah planning for the day. 
About a month ago I had discussed with our youngest son, many of you know him, and he brought up the idea of having a mobile coffee shop! He would like to do the baking of the goodies and put Pappa T in charge of the coffee drinks! 

You know I think he is on to something. This would free the both of us up to spend plenty of time together working side by side supporting the family. 

So I have been looking at all kinds of options and I tripped across this trailer currently for sale and was “Wowed” by the Craftsmanship of this setup! Only piece of equipment missing is a the oven for the youngest to bake his goodies.  So enjoy this short video. It is pretty amazing and a little something to work towards. Of course if anyone is looking for an investment opportunity I am all ears! 🙂

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